About Us

At A Glance

God has spoken to a group of key leaders in education from around the world to lead out in establishing a Christian accrediting association that will serve all the nations of the earth, from preschool through tertiary (post secondary) education. This will be for the purpose of serving Christian schools everywhere, who desire to be a part. It will give them a standard which is Biblically-based, Christ- centered and encourages all the schools, whether in New Guinea or New York, to move towards godly excellence.

This is what our Lord and Master Teacher, Jesus Himself, would require of us. It is not to be based on condemnation and exclusivity but inclusion, encouragement and challenge. It will be led by Christians with maturity in character, in their walk with the Lord, and in the realm of education from a Biblical Christian perspective. The leadership will be from all continents and many nationalities, ethnic and linguistic groups, for the Body of Christ is truly global. It will be inter-denominational, bringing in the richness of many Christian heritages. This broad base will help maximize and celebrate cross-cultural aspects of the Body of Christ and Christian education.


School all around the world are developing toward God’s design of education.


  1. We develop a Biblical standard for education based on God’s design for education.
  2. We seek to become a friend who walks alongside schools or educational insitution as they develop toward that standard.

Our Values

Moving toward our vision and engaging with our mission, we seek to be:

and Developmental

We accept schools just as they are and wherever they are in their process of development and walk with them to develop from that point onwards.

and Strength-focused

We base our assessment of schools on principles and not practices, allowing us to focus on the strength of the school to help them achieve their God-given vision.

Collaborative and Fruitfulness-focused

We work together with schools supporting each other as we promote a Biblical common vision of enhancing fruitfulness in all aspects of life through education.

Empowering and Multiplication-oriented

We encourage sustainability through empowerment of schools and organic multiplication of this development processes through equipping and training.