GAA Educational

The Framework for Understanding the Principles

The GAA philosophy reflects an integrated and holistic “belief tree” in which:

  • Biblical Beliefs (the root) are intentionally worked out in
  • Life Values (the trunk),
  • Educational Principles (the branches) and
  • School Practices (the fruit).

Biblical Beliefs are the foundational, pre-suppositional truths about God – His nature, character and actions. Life Values are the guiding themes, which result from applying the implications of the truth about who God is to how we should conduct our life. Educational Principles are rooted in the beliefs and values. They create a framework for godly decision-making. They set a prescriptive standard for the ideal attitudes and actions we wish to see lived out in our midst. They embody a posture of the heart and a perspective for doing that which love and wisdom dictates. School Practices are the practical outworking of the educational principles in a given location. The practices detail the procedural dynamics necessary for implementing the principle in a way that shapes how it is to be lived out in any given educational institution.


Countless Practices in various schools


GAA asks the school how the school ensures that there is a good and healthy relationship between all who are involved in it


88 Educational Principles


The principle is that there needs to be a good and healthy relationship between teacher & student, teacher & parents, and the school & community


16 Foundational Life Values


God values relationship,
we value relationship


7 Foundational Biblical Beliefs


We believe that God is a trinity