Accreditation Expenses
GAA uses a system of fees that is proportional to the school’s financial ability. This allows all schools that are willing to partner with GAA to become a member.

GAA Fees comprise of:

  • An application fee: to be paid when the school first applies for membership. This fee will be US$20 or 1% of the schools annual student fee whichever is greater per school.
    Average Annual Student Fee x 1% = application amount (Minimum US$20)

  • An annual membership fee: This fee will be 5% or 10% of the schools annual student fee depending on the number of students in the school. The minimum fee will be on the following scale depending on the whether the school is in a Category A, B or C country and the number of students attending the school. (See Biblical basis for GAA fee structure)
        Category A
    minimum fee
    Category B
    minimum fee
    Category C
    minimum fee
    School with up to 100 students 5% of annual student fee per school. US$125 US$50 US$25
    School with over 100 students 10% of annual student fee per school. US$250 US$100 US$50
  • An assessment fee: This will be paid each time the school is assessed on a three yearly cycle. This fee will be 200% of the average daily national teachers salary multiplied by the number of assessors multiplied by the number of days the assessors are at the school. If the assessor has to travel to the school and needs accommodation while the assessment is being carried out the school shall provide suitable accommodation for them.

    Fees will not be increased for any school that applies for accreditation for at least twelve months after a certificate of accreditation has been issued.