Dr. Jean-Claude Badoux

United States of America

Loren Cunningham is the Founder of Youth With A Mission (YWAM), an ever-expanding global “family of ministries” born in 1960 which has reached into every nation. The work of YWAM is manned by nearly 20,000 full-time staff from more than 150 nationalities and a wide variety of denominations who serve at more than 1,300 YWAM locations in 177 nations. More than four million students, short-term volunteers and staff have served with YWAM since its inception.

Loren is also the Founder and the President of the University of the Nations (UofN), YWAM’s global university, and the leader of the Kona Campus in Hawaii. Since the university’s inception in 1978, the UofN has grown to offer more than 800 different kinds of courses and seminars (some of which are offered in 95 languages), held at more than 500 locations/campuses in more than 140 countries.

Loren has personally gone to every sovereign nation on earth, all dependent countries, and more than 100 territories and islands, for the sake of the Gospel. This has given him valuable insights into global trends and uniquely prepares him to share God’s strategies for world evangelism. His wisdom, experience, leadership understanding and call to build bridges of unity within the body of Christ have caused him to be sought out by leaders of nations and organizations worldwide.

Loren’s educational background includes three Bachelor degrees, a Master of Science in Administration of Education, and three Honorary Doctorates.