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GAA helps schools and educators to understand and apply a Biblical standard based on God’s design for education both in their own school as school leaders and beyond as assessors. We do this through organizing GAA education training and providing various resources.


This three-day training equips participants with a lens to see God’s design for education. It is started off with a focus on God’s design for the world as the context of education on the first day. On the second day, the focus will be on God’s design for education. On the third day, the focus will be on the role of educational leaders to help their educational institution to move toward God’s design for education.

Designed to engage both the heart and the mind of the participants, this three-day training is full of activities and experiential learning. This training focus on shaping the participants’ lenses to see education the way God sees it. Beyond these three days, as the participants would like to dig deeper on God’s design for the world, for education, and their role as educational leaders, they could access the GAA online resources and discussion group.

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The GAA online resources are developed to help educational leaders understand and apply GAA frameworks and principles that are based on God's design for education. Catering to different learning styles, these resources are developed in various forms, i.e. articles and videos.



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